Start of our journey

A bunch of cycling enthusiasts and lovers of the Lipno landscape and I tried to answer the question how cycling in Lipno could be taken one step further, until we came up with a platform, for which we drew inspiration from abroad, and which would attract other lovers of cycling fun to our destination. The Lipno region is an area that offers so many opportunities for cycling enthusiasts, and now, they will be able to experience and plan them all in one place.  

Growth and development

We intend to work hard every day to ensure that our cycling community in the vicinity of the Lipno dam grows and that our platform contributes to the overall development of the Lipno region. You will enjoy stay in the Lipno region to the maximum thanks to our services, which make it possible to combine cycling with a guide around the entire destination and to choose the best gastronomic experience.

Our mission and values 

We are committed to strengthening our community, promoting the sustainability of the entire tourism industry, and, above all, our love for cycling. We strongly believe that every ride can be an adventure and each of us can contribute to the protection and promotion of natural beauties around us. Our routes are open to everyone who wants to join us, discover, learn and share.  


We could never have started our project without support of the entire cycling community, partners and everyone who loves cycling. We wish to share with you every kilometre, create unforgettable experiences with you and to keep moving forward together. We have been and will be for you all over the Lipno region. 

In the future

We perceive a great potential in the environment in which you will use our platform; that potential should exceed the borders of the destination area as well as the international borders. We intend to extend our help to the entire destination, the region and the local tourism.

Locals can advise you

Jakub Vrzáň

Passionate biker

It was only with the arrival of the KolemKolem project that I finally discovered everything that the Lipno region offers for cyclists. I have tried routes on both my mountain bike and road cycle, I could go on the ride alone or with my girlfriend, who likes to stop for a good cup of coffee or dessert, and it was always worthwhile. Thank you for moving cycling in Lipno to the next level!  

Libor Růžek

Cyclist and municipal representative of Loučovice

Few people know the routes leading from Loučovice in all directions as well as I do. I spend most of my leisure time on my bike, so I’m delighted that in the KolemKolem platform, I could choose the best that the region has on offer, whether you are an MTB fan, like road cycling or prefer a smooth going ride by e-bike. 

Jan Kubík

Mayor of Loučovice

We very much appreciate the initiative embodied in the KolemKolem project. Without doubt, this platform will push the Lipno region a little further and bring it closer to conditions present in foreign destinations. 

Martin Řezáč

Representative of the township of Frymburk + owner of a bike rental

As an eager biker and a local native of Frymburk, I have travelled the length and breadth of the Lipno region, by bike, gravel and road cycles. I’m therefore honoured that thanks to the KolemKolem project, I can share with you some of the most beautiful routes by the “South Bohemian Sea” and reveal secret tips of local bikers.